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Tired of managing exhibitors manually through hundreds of emails, phone calls, and tedious spreadsheet updates? Provide each of your exhibitors with their own customized portal where every exhibitor will see specific information relevant to their booth or sponsorship for your event.

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Make floor plan changes in real-time and see which booths are available vs. already sold.

Secure online portal for exhibitors to upload files & download important show information.


Keep your community connected with a platform designed around maximum engagement.


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Streamline your sales process by allowing exhibitors to purchase booths.

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Live dashboards that give you a quick snapshot of exhibitor activity.

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Virtual attendees can chat with each other or directly with exhibitors.

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Exhibitors can easily upload show assets via a task list.

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All of your important exhibitor files in one easy-to-access location.

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Connect to the best conferencing platforms like Zoom and YouTube.

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Send custom branded emails to all, or just some, of your exhibitors.

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Exhibitors can download all of your important show docs in one location.

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Your event. Your Branding. Use your colors and logos throughout the site.


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On average, planners save 90+ minutes per week with ExpoGenie.

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Average increase in overall sponsorship sales from online sales.

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Average exhibitor survey feedback rating on value of exhibitor portal.


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Expo software is a must-have for any business that is organising exhibitions and wants to stand out from the crowd. Expo Genie is purely for the Exhibitions organizers. It helps make their life easier, offering huge savings on both time and money and increasing the exhibitors’ satisfaction level. With our powerful and efficient software, Expo Genie can take your brand directly to the heart of your target audience, helping you reach new heights in profit and growth!

What is Expo Genie, and How Does it Work?

ExpoGenie is a basic modern event software that helps planners save time and provide a better event experience for the exhibitors. ExpoGenie will eliminate a lot of wasted minutes in “rework” for event organizers who manage an expo or trade show. It helps in managing the exhibitions and is for the exhibition organizers. Expos are essential for businesses that need to grow fast and compete with more prominent companies. Our robust SaaS platform lets you sell sponsorships online, handle changes to the floorplan and booths, sell booths online, gather deliverables and tasks reducing hundreds of back and forth emails. The simple-to-use admin gives you comprehensive reports and insight into your speakers and exhibitors. Enhance sponsorship revenue and cut down on time in planning with ExpoGenie to plan your event!

How Expo Genie’s Modern and Powerful Technology Can Revolutionize Exhibitions for Businesses Around the World?

Expo Genie is the leading global exhibition management software, which offers a wide range of features and tools to help businesses get the most out of their expos. Expo Genie’s modern and powerful technology can revolutionize exhibitions for businesses worldwide. It is an easy-to-use solution that provides everything a company needs to organize and execute successful trade shows or exhibitions. its features include:

  • Sponsorship Management
  • Conferences/Conventions
  • Exhibit/Vendor
  • Management Floor plan
  • Management Online booth selling

Expo Genie on a Mission to Eliminate Chaos & Uncertainty in Exhibitions

Expo Genie – helps in the planning, managing, and executing of exhibitions. It offers a platform that can help you manage your exhibition with ease. It provides easy-to-use tools to plan, manage and execute your show. It also helps streamline your communication with customers and organizers via portal. Expo Genie has been used by some of the world’s leading brands like eBay, ElliMae, The Linux Foundation, and WBR. We have an idea that you are now tired of the minimal featured platforms, which is why Expo genie offers interactive products which are helpful at the same time. Let’s discuss this further.

Interactive Floor plans

Create floor plan modifications in real-time and observe what booths are in stock—being sold. Each exhibitor has a customized view in the event portal, where each exhibitor can view specific information related to their booth or sponsorship of their event. Please don’t waste time waiting for the revisions to PDF now. Let exhibitors and attendees view the floor plan in real-time on their smartphones. Let exhibitors select their booth location. Display the profiles of exhibitors, including their company image, descriptions, web URL, and much more.

Exhibitor Portal

The secure online portal allows exhibitors to upload files and download crucial show information. Suppose you’re struggling with version control and wasting hours trying to offer your exhibitors a one-stop portal for preparing for the event. In that case, We want to stop the

need for back-and-forth communication between exhibitors since Expo Genie lets you sell booths online, with interactive floor plans and an exhibitor portal based on roles at your fingertips. With the aid of these fantastic features. It will be effortless to purchase booths without talking to a human, using discount codes and simple payment options. We can also play with colors. We’ll use similar HEX colors and banners to remain consistent with your brand’s overall look and event theme. Sound fascinating!

Virtual event Platforms

If you plan to host an online event, Connecting successful people is the most crucial factor. We have designed our platform specifically to facilitate the most incredible engagement of communities. Get immediate feedback by asking your audience to vote and monitoring specific activity feeds for each session. Communication is essential to networking throughout every aspect of the event. Attendees can communicate detailed session information with exhibitors and attendees. There is a bright side here. That you will be able to feel like a family member, ExpoGenie is compatible with existing video conferencing platforms like Zoom as well as YouTube to provide high-quality experiences to your attendees. The growth rate is likely higher since we offer prominent branding opportunities and further collect speaker information. With our unique portal technology, speakers and exhibitors can make profiles for themselves and save you much time when planning your event. Many virtual event platforms in the market can do this. but we are the best.

let’s Save Together, i.e., time and money

We’ve created ExpoGenie to keep the busy event organizer in mind in this hectic world where time is money. Once you’ve sent us the basic information about your event (dates and logo, colors, and dates), we’ll have your site online in a couple of days. After a short 30-minute screen-sharing instruction session led by your Customer Success Manager, you’ll be on the way to achieving your goal. Utilizing a cloud-based software-as-a-service model, we can provide applications swiftly and cost-effectively. We recognize that every event comes with an expense. We aim to offer an exceptional product at a reasonable cost and show you the incredible rewards. We seek customers who are willing to stay with us for the rest of their length because they are enthralled by the product and cannot find superior customer service elsewhere.

You are the Boss

Create an online shop that has various products available for purchase following the purchase of their booth. The presence of an online store inside the exhibitor’s portal will make it easier for exhibitors to invest their budgets for additional expenses.

You can easily understand charts and gauges to track how many exhibitors log into the portal regularly and accomplish their tasks. You have complete control over modifying the content on the exhibitor’s portal. There is no need to contact us for changes to content, as you can change the content in real-time. You can give a link to instantly change floor plans and simplify the process of selecting your booth. We deliver event sites very quickly. The typical time frame for us to establish your website is five business days.

What are the Top Benefits of using Expo Genie?

Expo Genie is a leading show management solution that helps exhibitors manage their shows efficiently and effectively. It allows them to create, manage, and organize their events easily. The most significant advantages of Expo Genie are:

  • Simple to use: Expo Genie is simple and offers an intuitive layout that allows it to be simple for anyone to utilize the program. It also comes with an inbuilt help feature that offers quick responses to frequently asked questions.
  • Streamlined workflow Expo Genie’s workflow has been designed so that it assists exhibitors in saving their time and effort by streamlining all the steps of running their exhibit from start to the end.
  • Seamless integration Expo Genie offers seamless integrations with third-party apps


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