Release v4.0 (Nov 21′)

Highlighted Updates

1. User Entry Wizard

Admins will now have more control over your user entry flow. You can now configure the entry process to guide your users in a step-by-step process depending on your specific use case.

User Entry Wizard – Watch Video

2. Ability to Sell “Packages”

Back and better by popular demand are “Packages”! Packages are specific items you can sell during the User Entry Flow (above) separate from Add-Ons. The primary differences are:

  • Add-Ons are optional purchases, whereas packages are required. So if you require your users to make a purchase to become say an exhibitor or sponsor in the system, this is what you would use
  • With Packages, you can now include booths as a part of the package price. Users who select a Package that includes a booth would now be able to select a booth from the online floor plan but the price of the booth would be incorporated in their selected package.

Packages – Watch Video

3. Re-Ordering Tasks with Same Due Date

Tasks are ordered by ascending due date. For any Tasks with the same Due Date, Admins can now set the desired order. From the “Manage Tasks” page in the admin:

  1. Click the the advanced (gear icon) for the desired Task
  2. At the bottom of the advanced section, set the desired sequence number, where the lower the number indicates higher up on the Task Page

4. Floor Plan Auto-Locking

Previously, especially for those using the floor plan to sell booths online, conflicts could occur if an exhibitor was purchasing a floor plan while an admin had the floor plan editor open and was making edits. These conflicts would cause one update to override another, causing a discrepancy.

Now, the floor plan auto-locks whenever in the floor plan editor, so that this can no longer occur. Admins may notice a notification in the top of the screen when in the floor plan editor, OR if you have not exited the floor plan properly (i.e. closing the window instead of clicking “Exit”).

Other Updates

5. Expandable Field for Adding Dropdown Values in User Fields

The area to enter dropdown values for custom User Fields in the admin is now expandable for easier input.

6. Various Content Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Changed “Booth Number” to “Booth Label”
  • Clarification content when choosing Level assignment for online booth sales
  • Bug where Task page content editor wasn’t syncing now fixed
  • Clarification content for deposit payment options
  • Additional “Update” button added at the top of the “Event Settings” screen in the admin
  • Updated “Sites” to “Portals” in the admin
  • Ability to enable/disable Registration Moderation button was missing – moved to “User Entry Wizard” page in admin