About ExpoGenie

ExpoGenie is a simple, modern and affordable event software that saves planners time and delivers an enhanced experience for exhibitors. ExpoGenie eliminates dozens of wasted hours of “re-work” for event planners who are managing a trade show or expo. Ready to cut your email time in half? Fill out the contact form to learn more about how you can put ExpoGenie to work for you in less than a week. Great for all types of planners including:

Planning your annual convention with a budget and staff size that hasn’t increased in years? ExpoGenie is affordable and will get you organized, fast!

Knee-deep in deadlines and still feeling the pressure to deliver a “fresh” experience? ExpoGenie will empower exhibitors to be self sufficient and elevate the image of your show.

ExpoGenie will maximize your sponsor & exhibitor staff’s time so that you can keep project teams smaller and save your clients money (while delivering better results).

Simple & Intuitive

Most planners barely have time to take a lunch break let alone learn and launch a new software program. That’s why we’ve designed ExpoGenie with the busy event planner in mind. After sending us your basic show information (dates, logo, colors), we’ll have your site up in just a few business days. After a quick 30-minute screen-share training session with your Customer Success Manager, you’ll be well on your way.


Some of our competitors love to boast endless modules that offer little value and an interface that looks like it was designed in the stone age. Our system is built on WordPress which allows us to easily & frequently update the design of the site so your event will always look modern and your admin panel will never feel “clunky”.


By leveraging a cloud-based, software as a service model, we are able to deliver applications quickly and affordably. We understand that every event has a budget. Our goal is to provide a superior product at a competitive price and SHOW you the amazing rewards. We look for customers that will partner with us for life because they love the product and can’t find better customer service anywhere else .

Leadership Team

ExpoGenie is a product brought to you by the good folks at ConvoSpark. We have over 20 years combined event management experience and 25+ years experience in application development.

Derek Manuel
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Derek Manuel

Shoaeb Shams
Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Shoaeb Shams

John Connolly
Co-Founder & VP of Sales

John Connolly

Aqeel Ahmed
Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer

Aqeel Ahmed


You can easily move and change booth locations and sizes in feet and meters.

You can easily create multiple levels for different exhibitor & sponsor types.

Create and save custom reports for financials, tasks & user data.

You and your exhibitors can easily toggle between events without having to log into multiple sites.

We Integrate with Salesforce, CVent, and other common CRM & reg platforms

Send up to 5K emails per day with customized templates, merge fields, and reply-to addresses.

Custom branding throughout using your event colors, headers, logos and content.

Use our application form to vet and approve exhibitors and speakers

Host PDFs, images, Excel and Word docs for your exhibitors to download.


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