Simple trade show software for the busy event planner


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Simple Trade Show Software For the Busy Event Planner

How would you like to streamline your event, automate manual and redundant processes, increase sponsorship revenue…. all while making your exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers happier?

ExpoGenie is right for your show if you:

  • Struggle with version control using a PDF floor plan for booth selection & edits
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  • ┬áSpend countless hours on spreadsheets, emails, and files tracking deliverables and deadlines
  • Want to provide your exhibitors with an all-in-one portal to prepare for your show
  • Wish you had an easier and more effective way to promote sponsorship opportunities
  • Would like to eliminate the unnecessary back-and-forth exhibitor communication

Manage Your Whole Trade Show in One Simple Software

Interactive Floor Plan
Make quick, real time changes while seamlessly managing your exhibitors through your booth selection process

Role Based Exhibitor Portal
A robust resource center where exhibitors see only relevant tasks & resources specific to their role

Promote Sponsorship Opportunities
Exhibitors can easily purchase additional marketing opportunities while you set and manage the price and availability

Reporting & Dashboards
No more endless spreadsheets, e-mails, phone calls, and files. Store everything in one place, quickly pull reports, and automate your process!

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Interactive (online) floor plan
  • Exhibitor task management
  • Exhibitor portal
  • Bulk E-mails
  • Process orders
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Custom branding
  • Completely configurable
  • Instantly make floor plan changes & simplify your booth selection process
  • Cut down on re-work, e-mails, and phone calls while reducing your margin of error
  • Empower your exhibitors with everything they need to prepare for your show in one place
  • Save time with customized mass e-mails you can send out to select recipients
  • Seamlessly promote, sell, and process orders for sponsorship opportunities
  • See real time updates on your exhibitors statuses, and put your processes on auto-pilot
  • Add credibility by making your exhibitors feel like they never left your event website
  • Customize the portal for your event to set your exhibitors, sponsors or speakers up for success!

Jamie CervantesGlobal Events Manager, Magento

We communicate with hundreds of exhibitors on a regular basis, and ExpoGenie helps us keep everything organized. We’ve customized ExpoGenie to meet our needs, it allows us to post show information, collect deliverables, and assign booth locations in the most efficient way