Simple trade show software for the busy event planner


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Simple Trade Show Software For the Busy Event Planner

Tired of managing exhibitors manually through hundreds of emails, phone calls, and tedious spreadsheet updates? Provide each of your exhibitors with their own customized portal where every exhibitor will see specific information relevant to their booth or sponsorship for your event. Within a simple, and easy to use portal, your exhibitors can now get all the answers on their own to their endless questions. As the Event Planner, you’ll no longer need to hound exhibitors for marketing assets as they will now upload them directly through the portal.

ExpoGenie is right for your show if you:

  • Struggle with version control using a PDF floor plan for booth selection & edits
    reer ef
  •  Spend countless hours on spreadsheets, emails, and files tracking deliverables and deadlines
  • Want to provide your exhibitors with an all-in-one portal to prepare for your show
  • Wish you had an easier and more effective way to promote sponsorship opportunities
  • Would like to eliminate the unnecessary back-and-forth exhibitor communication

Manage Your Whole Trade Show in One Simple Software


Online Booth Sales

  • Buying booths at your show will become a breeze as exhibitors purchase booths online without talking to a human!
  • Multiple checkout scenarios depending on your specific needs.
  • Direct integration with various payment gateways including Stripe,, PayPal and more.
  • Discount codes and partial payments supported.
  • Sell additional add on items like sponsorship opportunities, lead scanning, etc.
  • Order confirmation emails sent directly to you and your exhibitor.

Orders & Invoicing

  • Real-time visibility into exhibitor revenue collected and outstanding invoices with our robust reporting module.
  • Easily track payments as they come in. No need to manage exhibitor collections in a spreadsheet. Everything is tracked within our system.
  • Exhibitors can easily access their invoice and payment status anytime by logging into the portal.

Password Protected Portal n

  • Not keen on hosting private event & exhibitor info on your website for everyone to access? Our exhibitor portal is password protected and only available to confirmed exhibitors and sponsors at your event

File & Asset Management

  • Tired of emailing out your exhibitor kit, shipping form and prospectus over and over? Host all of your important PDFs and other files within the portal so exhibitors can access them anytime

Role Based Exhibitor Portal

  • Days of sending exhibitor logos and graphics files back and forth via email are over. Create a Task List that outlines each asset you need from your exhibitors, when they need to submit it by and allow exhibitors to upload their files to directly to the portal.
  • Need very different marketing assets from you Platinum sponsor than you need from your Bronze sponsor? No problem! Each user can be assigned a specific “level” that dictates a unique task list comprised of tasks associated with their specific level.
  • As the Event Manager, you’ll be able to easily bulk download these files or access them one by one.

Interactive Floor Plan

  • Floor plan changes become a breeze with our simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click editor tool. No more waiting on PDF revisions. You are in control of your floor plan and what used to take hours or days can be accomplished in seconds. See complete floor plan details on our dedicated product page here (LINK).

Robust Reporting

  • Build and save custom reports that show you exactly which exhibitors have and have not completed specific tasks. Examples: company logo report, company description report, etc

Interactive Dashboards

  • Easy to read charts and gauges to keep an eye on how many exhibitors are logging into the portal on a weekly basis, which tasks are being completed, and more.

Mass Email

  • Send custom branded HTML emails to your exhibitors to remind them about upcoming and overdue tasks. Use merge fields to make the emails appear personal and save templates to re-use the same email over and over.

Custom Branding

  • Our exhibitor portal will match the same look and feel as your event website. When configuring your event site, we’ll use the same HEX colors and banners to stay consistent with your overall brand and event theme.

Customizable Application Form

  • Use our customizable online application form to capture any and all details you need from you exhibitors. This form can be used to qualify and approve exhibitors BEFORE they are allowed to purchase a booth at your show

Booth Staff Reg Codesng

  • Give sponsors comp codes from within the portal and direct them to your attendee registration site where they can use the codes to register their booth staff

Online Shop

  • Create an online shop with various products available for sale AFTER your exhibitor has purchased their booth. Often times exhibitors will want to increase their exposure leading up to the event. Having an online shop within your exhibitor portal makes it easy for exhibitor to spend their additional budgets 🙂


  • Create a dedicated web page specifically for all those common questions that exhibitors ask over and over again. Next time an exhibitor asks you about how they register their team, tell them to check the portal!

Single Sign On

  • Using ExpoGenie for multiple events? You and your exhibitors can easily toggle between events without having to log into multiple sites
Content Editor

Content Editor

  • Our clients have complete control to change any and all content within their exhibitor portal. You will never need to contact us to request content changes as you will have the ability to make changes in real time
Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship Levels

  • Create various sponsorship and exhibitor levels so that when a specific “level” exhibitor logs in, they are shown relevant content associated with their specific “level”.

Fast Set Up

  • We deliver event sites very quickly. The typical turnaround time for us to set up your portal is 5 business days

Custom Branding

  • All portals are custom branded using our clients event colors, headers, logos and content. We aim to create a seamless experience for your exhibitors across your event site and your ExpoGenie portal

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Interactive (online) floor plan
  • Exhibitor task management
  • Exhibitor portal
  • Bulk E-mails
  • Process orders
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Custom branding
  • Completely configurable
  • Instantly make floor plan changes & simplify your booth selection process
  • Cut down on re-work, e-mails, and phone calls while reducing your margin of error
  • Empower your exhibitors with everything they need to prepare for your show in one place
  • Save time with customized mass e-mails you can send out to select recipients
  • Seamlessly promote, sell, and process orders for sponsorship opportunities
  • See real time updates on your exhibitors statuses, and put your processes on auto-pilot
  • Add credibility by making your exhibitors feel like they never left your event website
  • Customize the portal for your event to set your exhibitors, sponsors or speakers up for success!

Jamie CervantesGlobal Events Manager, Magento

We communicate with hundreds of exhibitors on a regular basis, and ExpoGenie helps us keep everything organized. We’ve customized ExpoGenie to meet our needs, it allows us to post show information, collect deliverables, and assign booth locations in the most efficient way