Expo Guide

How to Manage the Floor Plan for a Big Expo Like a Pro

Managing the floor plan for your exhibitors at a large expo hall is a daunting task. Each booth comes with it an exhibitor, which is a company consisting of many different stakeholders who likely have invested a big chunk of their marketing budget in hopes for some sort of return. Each booth represents its own…

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How to Improve Booth Sales at Large Trade Shows

It has been more than two years since the pandemic hit and everything went haywire. Disrupting , rather ending the tradeshow business during this time. Come 2022, the return to “normalcy” in the tradeshow industry is starting to finally look like a reality in the very near future. Even though we have a new set…

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2022 Event & Conference Trends You Should Plan For

On the contrary to many folks worried about the different variants of Covid 19 virus derailing the global recovery, the outlook for conferences & events has never looked rosier. This may come as a surprise to some however let me explain what we believe are three very strong trends you should anticipate for 2022 meetings…

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10 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Your Exhibition

Exhibitions are an incredible opportunity for many industries/businesses, providing sufficient reasons for both brand and customer to attend. Although, when it comes to cost – things can get a little pricey however, exhibitions provide the ideal chance for brands and companies to interact and communicate directly with their target audience. Exhibitions are considered to be…

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Floor Plan Management with Digital Tools

8 Secrets about Floor Plan Management with Digital Tools

There are numerous things that exhibitors consider before investing in an event such as leads gathered, survey responses completed, social shares posted and of course the return on objective (ROO). However, another very important consideration is the space offered by the service providers and how it correlates with their product. A successful floor plan should…

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9 Ways Digital Floor Plan Management Are Better Than Spread Sheets

Floor plan management tools are ideal to organize datasets on the database. Previously, stakeholders managed numerous event-related things such as developing floor maps, selling booth sponsorships, schedule events, held activities, send invites and reminders, etc. and worked manually on spreadsheets that were very exhausting and tiring for them. Therefore, floor plan management tools introduced programs…

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The Insider’s Guide To Floor Plan Management Software

The floor plan management software is a platform for the exhibitors to see their trade show’s blueprint. A successful software guide yet helps you to harmonize at seating, activity rooms, conference rooms, cafeteria/refreshment spaces, entertainment spaces, walkways, walls, furniture, etc., and all in between. Hence, it minimizes the risks of choak, reduces the growth of…

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Using Floor Plan Management Tools Like Pro

How To Start Using Floor Plan Management Tools Like Pro

Floor plans are prerequisites to make your trade show an immense success. They are not just 2D or 3D drawings of the floor, but they provide an aerial view illustration of a venue. They are ideal to project dimensions, fixtures, and spatial relationships between objects. A floor plan management tool is comprehensive enough to visualize…

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Guide To Floor Plan Management

The Unconventional Guide To Floor Plan Management For Trade Shows

Trade shows, both virtual shows, and physical shows provide a platform and great opportunity to display products and market to the users at the greater extent. While giving a global reach to your valuable products, these shows engage stakeholders with some great clients that attract a great deal of business. If shows are executed correctly,…

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Floor Plan Management

13 Myths About Floor Plan Management Everyone Thinks Are True

Floor plan management is organizing the entire layout of the store at the category level. In simple words, it is the virtual presentation of the floor plan where your booths will be placed. It also provides a big picture of your entire space that is divided up among gold, titanium, platinum, reserved or free booths,…

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Doing Floor Plan Management the Right Way

If you were still managing your exhibitor floor plan in 2020 without the aid of interactive technology, you were behind the times to say the least. Now that we’re into 2021 – where the entire world has been forced to go virtual – planning your next on-site event without floor plan technology would make the…

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