Trade Show Management Software

Trade Show Management Software is a solution provider to your events. Our skilled and dedicated teams are committed to make your important event a great success. We are prone to develop a positive standout floor experience of attendees and organizers by managing the resources effectively.

ExpoGenie is a one-stop-shop to improve the quality of your events to enhance your and attendees’ ultimate experience on a global level. Our services include a detailed floor plan, reconstruct the floor on an interactive page through a modern layout, hassle-free tools to manage the alterations and promote your event branding. From pre-planning to execution, we provide extra-ordinary to our customers and ready to deal with details to create a remarkable effect that you and attendees have never experienced before.

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Why ExpoGenie is best for Trade Show Management?

ExpoGenie is specialized in planning and coordinating trade shows and events. Interactive teams of Trade Show Management Software share ideas with the customers to brainstorm possible solutions for the results customers have always desired. Our communications and client-oriented, personalized service distinguishes us in the market. We provide full service to lessen the stress of your trade show and keep our client our priority.


Your exhibitor just spent big $ on their booth and they want to promote it. Help them out by showcasing your exhibitors’ company info and booth location for attendees and other exhibitors to see.

Floor plan changes become a breeze with our simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click editor tool. No more waiting on PDF revisions. You are in control of your floor plan and what used to take hours or days can be accomplished in seconds.

Embed the interactive floor plan directly into your event website so it can be seen by attendees and exhibitors without having to leave your website.

Easily place exhibitors into booths & put booths on hold. Allow exhibitors to choose their location or select a location on their behalf.

Display exhibitor profiles including company logo, description, website URL and more.

Group exhibitors into categories so attendees can easily seek out companies that align with their event objectives.

Allow attendees and exhibitors to access the real-time floor plan right from their mobile devices.

Benefits of Trade Show Management Software

  • Interactive floor plan
  • Exhibitor task management
  • Exhibitor portal
  • Bulk E-mails
  • Process orders
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Custom branding
  • Completely configurable
  • Instantly make floor plan changes & simplify your booth selection process
  • Cut down on re-work, e-mails, and phone calls while reducing human errors
  • Empower exhibitors with everything needed to prepare for the show in one place
  • Save time with customized mass e-mails that can be sent to select recipients
  • Seamlessly promote, sell, and process orders for sponsorship opportunities
  • See real-time updates on exhibitor’s statuses and put the whole processes on auto-pilot
  • Add credibility by making your exhibitors feel like they never left your event website
  • Customize the portal for your event to set your exhibitors, sponsors, or speakers up for success!

A Holistic Solution

Trade show Management Software offers an all-in-one platform to prepare and execute the event. The online booth sales are exclusively available for the exhibitors by using multiple payment methods along with easy invoices that are sent to the email address. Without any doubt, the exhibitors’ data is password protected in our privacy nutshell. Additionally, you can get several benefits from the automation process and make your dreams come true. We are skilled to streamline the process, deliver solutions, and provide a place to track details.


No more changes in PDF files. Trade show Management Software allows drag-and-drop, point-and-click editor in the floor plan. Interactive dashboards ease you to see task status such as log in and log out, task pending and completion, and many more. The online application system supports the customer-based quick registration process and an online shop is an arsenal for the booth. This intuitive system puts everything in your control. Digital record-keeping enhances the creativity, productivity, and excellence of the team. You can increase the follow-up process—thank you and invitation emails in a few clicks without making no possible errors.

Custom Branding

Trade show Management Software allows users to manage the content from their portal. All portals are custom branded using clients’ event colors, headers, logos, and content. We aim to create a seamless experience for your exhibitors across your event site and your ExpoGenie portal. The portal is created in five business days to improve exhibitors’ and organizers’ experiences. We also promote, sell, and process orders for sponsorship opportunities. You can send custom branded HTML emails to your exhibitors to remind them about upcoming and overdue tasks. Use merge fields to make the emails appear personal and save templates to re-use the same email again and again.

Save Resources Save Money

We understand the budget constraints and other challenges that clients often experience while managing a trade show. Therefore, we organize industry-driven events and can save promotional and trade show-related heavy expenses. No more wastage of time on reorganizing floor and reduce the risk involved in making shows flawless; our trade show management software minimizes costs and benefits. Customers make more money while leaving a lasting impact of a successful show on the audience. 

If you are looking for a platform for running your event systematically making no potential errors and setbacks, contact us to learn more.  

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